Week-end ESL activities

Let's train the Past Simple and the Past Continuous in a real-life situation. Fill in the gaps in the dialogue. There is an icon in the picture that will help you.

 Friend: Where were you?
Lena: (see the picture for an answer)........

Friend: What were you doing there?
Lena: (see the picture for an answer)........

Friend: Were you there alone?
Lena: (see the picture for an answer)........

So, can you say where Lena was and what she was doing? :):)



IATEFL Webinar - 'What is the future of Business English training?'

Louise Goodman - 'What is the future of Business English training?' 

The webinar came up to my expectations! The host was great and very knowlegeable. The speaker managed her time perfectly, and the good thing was that she dwelled on the issues for about 35 minutes and the rest of the time (25 min) was devoted to discussion during which very many useful ideas were shared. That is a really worthy format because discussion IS important.
I teach BE to MA students majoring in English as a part of their academic English program, and I have not worked with businesses I mean courses for corporate clients, etc however, all said by the speaker can be used by the ESL teacher both for teaching BE in the university and business environments. The speaker delineated which topics clients tend to find most useful for them in their BE course, pointed out the peculiarities of some approaches of teaching BE and the general idea was that a BE teacher now is not a trainer but rather a coacher, this was discussed, and my recent participatin in the Coaching and Emotional Intelligence webinar from British Council happened to be quite helpful. So, participating in chains of webinars seems to be very useful as some problems are related to others and provide better understanding of one another....


Today's Webinar - Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Speaker - Nik Peachey

Today's Webinar - Coaching and Emotional Intelligence
Speaker - Nik Peachey

Pre-webinar activities:
two videos that have valuable insights into what makes us better speakers, listeners and what can help us to have better conversations.




The Presentation can be seen here:

My impressions from the Webinar are very positive. First, I like the speaker's manner of speech - calm and reserved, and that helps to navigate the listeners through the material on coaching which is quite new and baffling, and at the same time it is emotional and enthusiastic which shows that he is very interested in the things he is talking about.
Secondly, the problem discussed seems to be related to the positive reinforcement and so it is quite interesting to see how the speaker suggests the ways it can be introduced to the ESL classroom (or any other classroom, by the way).
And thirdly, but perhaps most importantly, it is about that psychological issue of trying to be reflexive and responsive to the feelings of others, respecting every person as an individual!!


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Today's CAE Webinar


The Cambridge Assessment Webinar has just finished!
It was very informative and helped to brush up and systematize my ESL teaching knowledge, while listening and '' making notes'' using print screen I thought about all the exs and tests we have, tried to identify their status and efficiency according to the CAE criteria... And what can I say?! I should say our materials do conform to all these standards!! 



...of my recent online training - the webinar from IATEFL...

Good ideas about using some culturally vital attributes in the ESL class when teaching kids!!

Week-end ESL activities Let's train the Past Simple and the Past Continuous in a real-life situation. Fill in the gaps in the dia...